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Art Against Antisemitism

is a robust community that regularly features its own art, invites artists of all backgrounds to contribute theirs, and inspires viewers to learn about antisemitism in a way that feels personal, meaningful, and impactful to its mission.

The project was started by artist Lisa Link and brought to the Combat Antisemitism Movement as a recipient of our grant-writing contest in 2022. Since then, Lisa has brought together a wide range of artists to contribute to the project's growing collection.

We invite you to scroll through our inspiring Artist's Gallery and submit your own project to be featured, below.

Art Against Antisemitism (Esther Cohen)

621-I exist, by Featured Artist Esther Cohen

Featured Artists

Click on an image to be directed to the artist's page.

Ellen November
Jenny Edwards Ber
Esther Cohen
Rachel Linsky
Judith Joseph
Dorit Jordan
Jacqueline Kott-Wolle
Giti Ganjei
Gary Recchia
Martha Friedman
Ruby Mizrahi
Amy Solomon
dan soslowsky
Eduardo Kobra
Sarah-Leah Thompson
Ilan Block
Abraham Kerner
Melissa Isaakov
Chana Wiesenthal Elias
Caren Garfen
Esther Levy B.
Daniela Mansur
carla jacobson
Ann Froman
brad heckman
Art Against Antisemitism-4

Make an impact with your art.

Submit your own #ArtAgainstAntisemitism along with a statement about why you created the project, below.